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What Is SugarCRM in Pardot

Businesses often have to deal with plentiful customer data used to manage their respective business processes. Hence, they may utilize more than just Salesforce Pardot for their data management and business automation needs.

SugarCRM is one such CRM software that businesses also use to run their customer service business management. While you may store your data and manage projects through Salesforce Pardot and SugarCRM separately, did you know that you can seamlessly integrate the two for a smoother business process experience?

What SugarCRM Is

SugarCRM is a company specializing in deploying customer relationship management solutions. Sugar is its flagship CRM product. Sugar is one of the leading CRM products in the market today, alongside Salesforce.

SugarCRM focuses on the following aspects of customer relationship management:

  • Sales Management
  • Customer Insights
  • Customer Service
  • Personalized Marketing Solutions
  • Productivity Tools
  • Mobile CRM Tools
  • Business Process Automation

Sugar’s CRM products can be hosted either by the SugarCRM company or through various cloud partners.

Pardot and SugarCRM Integration

If you hold and maintain accounts under Salesforce Pardot and SugarCRM, you can easily sync these two powerful solutions to come up with better data management and information exchange across various platforms.

Pardot considers SugarCRM as an external third-party CRM provider. Since Pardot knows that managing data is easier when integration is possible, they came up with connectors to sync Sugar and Pardot together.

Pardot’s SugarCRM Connector allows you to integrate and map data across the two platforms. To do this, simply go to the Administrators tab under Salesforce Pardot. Look for Connectors in the drop-down list, then create a new connector by selecting SugarCRM from the list of third-party vendors.

Please note that SugarCRM integration with Pardot is only available to customers who gained access prior to Salesforce’s June 2016 Summer Release. Pardot allows its users to sync with Sugar versions 5.4.X. – 7.1.X.

In a nutshell, SugarCRM and Pardot can be linked together to collaboratively manage customer data and sync marketing campaigns together within the Pardot system platform. By using SugarCRM connectors, you’ll get to integrate various useful solutions for data management across Sugar and Pardot platforms.

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