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The Rise Of The Ohana In Indianapolis

In July 2018, the Salesforce Tower in Indianapolis, Indiana – the tallest building in the state – has opened its top floor and dedicated it to one of the driving forces behind its popular culture: the Ohana. The newest installation mirrors that of the Salesforce towers in London, New York, and San Francisco.


Inaugurated with the presence of Salesforce leaders and Indiana’s political figures, the Ohana floor is designed to according to Salesforce’s Ohana design standards that boast expansive loungers, mindfulness zones, parent’s rooms, and workstations.


The Ohana Floor is a reflection of Salesforce’s values and culture that is ‘equality for all.’ That’s translated to equal opportunity, equal pay, and equal education. So instead of dividing the floor in order to house multiple executive suites or offices, its floor plan is kept open, offering an expansive space with a 360-degree view of Indiana’s skyline, an IT bar, and a café with a barista.

As employees, guest, customers, and partners use it during the day, it is open to educational groups and non-profit organizations to use for free at night and on weekends.


The unveiling of the Ohana Floor is also attended by the inaugural class called Pathfinders – a Salesforce developmental programs that provide an opportunity for participants with skills gap to obtain business and technical skills needed so that they can obtain jobs within the company. The class is open to everyone regardless of background.

But why in Indianapolis? The Ohana Floor in Indianapolis is the largest hub so far outside of Salesforce’s headquarters in San Francisco. The city offers a throng of world-class and diverse talent that’s needed in order to support the equally diverse customer base found in the region. So in case you’re wondering, the answer is yes; there are vacancies in the Indianapolis office.

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