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Stanton Aviation

Stanton & Partners Aviation is dedicated to the sale and purchase of private jets, catering exclusively to ultra-high-net-worth individuals.
With over 80 years of aircraft sales experience worldwide, they have successfully completed over USD 4 billion-worth of transactions, resulting in an unrivalled pedigree of infallible trust, expertise and indelible relationships.


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Stanton Aviation


They wanted their aircraft lists and categories to be managed in the system.
They wanted to see what aircrafts are for sale and what aircrafts are requested from their customers.
They wanted to centralize the customers and contacts that they have.
They wanted to manage the activities as well as alerts and email notification.
They wanted to further use these activities in reports to capture the KPIs of their sales reps.


« Introduced Salesforce Lightning Sales Cloud.
Centralized the customers and contacts with Salesforce.
Implemented aircrafts with different categories and added option to see what aircrafts are for sale or purchase.
Day-to-day activities were streamlined for each user using Salesforce.
Reports and dashboards for every level of the organization to see the bigger picture. »