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Noor Takaful

Noor Takaful has committed itself to being at the forefront of the Takaful sector in the Middle East. Its contemporary approach to Islamic insurance has seen it provide a series of innovative products and services for its customers, including Motor Takaful, Medical Takaful, Travel Takaful, Commercial Takaful and Personal Takaful supported by the GCC’s first e-Takaful service providing instant quotes and online payment facilities.


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Noor Takaful


Customer wanted a complete solution in the CRM where they could sell different types of insurances to B2B and B2C customers either brokers, partners or direct sales.
Their existing database had lot of duplicates and they were using multiple systems.
They wanted to bring all systems in one single system.
Integration with their middleware was challenging as it was built inhouse.


We built sales, service and customer community for the customer. Integration was done with their existing systems using REST APIs for data to flow back and forth. Quotes versions and different types of quotes were built. Insurance policies, claims, SOAs were integrated with their existing system and brought to Salesforce to give a 360 degree view of the customer. Lightning component to add mandatory documents for each type of insurance product. Emails were eliminated due to the use of tasks and chatter. Service cloud omni channel, milestones, escalation rules were put in place to avoid any delays from service agents while trying to resolve the case. Customer community is built for users to download their own quotes, policies and claims and also statement of accounts. Customers can raise a case directly from the community to avoid wasting time on calls and emails. Cases get routed to the right teams due to omni channel and assignment rules.