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NEC Group is focusing on Solutions for Society businesses that utilize the strengths of ICT to create the social value of safety, security, efficiency and equality that is necessary for people to live more prosperous lives.
NEC provides products for business, ranging from terminals to network and computer equipment, software products and service platforms
NEC provides IT solutions in manufacturing, retail and services, and finance in the private sector, helping customers to launch new services. We will resolve social issues and create value for customers through value chain innovation utilizing ICT assets as IoT and AI


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Communities, Service




Needed a system to track customer support tickets.
Needed a system for customers / partners to login and raise their tickets / complaints.
Needed a system to manage multiple support groups within the company.
Needed a system to mange different entitlement processes for different accounts.
Needed a system to track milestones and violations for each ticket.
Reporting on tickets, milestones and violations was needed.
There were no automations and notifications to provide the best support to customers.


Saleforce service cloud was used to manage and track customer support tickets.
Salesforce communities were used to allow customers / partners to raise tickets without hassle and they could track their tickets eaily.
Automations were introduced to assign tickets to correct queues and users.
Implemented different entitlement processes within Salesforce.
Milestones were introduced to help users close tickets on time.
Reports and dashboard for each level of organization were introduced.