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UAE’s first support group for families having individuals with Disability – Special Families Support – was the genesis of Manzil. It was started as a non-profit activity in December 1999 and grew to over 200 member families. Manzil’s Mission is to actively promote inclusion by providing a professional learning environment for persons with disability to nurture their potential & develop the requisite self help, social, educational & vocational skills that are required to function in society.










Challenged by the economic situation in addition to not having a CRM and digital presence.
Due to this epidemic it was difficult to engage with their donors and volunteers.
No systematic approach to engage with donors, engagement plan was not present.
Difficult to manage campaigns, volunteers requests and donors database.
Missing CRM process to manage recurring donations.
Absence of digital platform to manage school fee.
Difficulty in managing campus placements, general unit allocation, no of interviews being conducted, candidates interviewed and household.
Difficulty in connecting students to offer help.


As part of the solution we have implemented Salesforce non profit service pack features and utilized OOTB offerings.
Defined campaigns for events.
Developed Web-to-lead forms to capture incoming donor/volunteer requests.
Defined data model to manage household.
Implemented donor management module.
Setup engagement plans to connect with donors and manage recurring donations.
Defined general accounting unit allocation.
Defined recurring donations- reminders task, emails, follow ups.
Setup email acknowledgements for donors.
Offline data migration into Salesforce CRM, ran jobs to map data to NPSP features.
Customize gift acknowledgement email.
Implemented CRM System and automated processes.
Automated funding campaigns, fee reminders and con.
Developed a system to track school buses, drivers and volunteers activity to manage and conduct events.
Prepared and consolidated CRM database of sponsors, donors and volunteers.