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Lunatus was established in 2003 to act as the link between international healthcare companies and the expanding markets of the Arabian Gulf and Middle East.
With over 100 employees, the Lunatus approach is based on the idea of turnkey representation – a singular solution to introducing and building brand presence in the region. Based in Dubai, with satellite offices across the GCC, Lunatus has extensive local knowledge and a solid network of partners.










-They dint have a centralized platform to track the daily activities of Med reps
-They had KPI’s based on daily visits of med reps
-The med-reps need to schedule and plan these visits/appointments  in advance , with complete visibility to the manager for each of their medreps scheduled visits
-These sample product details also need to be tracked to see how a product is doing in each region .
-Additionally , at the management level , they would like to see  how each product is doing per region,how is the adoption status of each product  and how the medreps are doing  with their targets (daily/monthly/weekly) , as well as detailed reports on the visits.


-360-degree view of end- to- end sales process.
-Optimization of Sales Process with several automations.
-Efficient Activity planning for Med-Reps with complete visibility for higher management.
-Elimination of Excel usage and complete tracking in the system.
-Efficient UI for Leave Planning and Activity Planning
-Simple Check-in for Med – Reps to capture GPS co-ordinates on the go with the click of a button from mobile, iPad etc.
-Custom module to track Sample Products given by Med Reps .
-Custom reporting to track different parameters like targets for Med Reps, Account Coverage , Adoption of Sample Products etc.
-Interactive Map to visually display the doctor visits over regions