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Latitude’s team of specialists offer industry-leading insight and expertise to ensure their clients to select the residency and citizenship solutions that best suit their requirements.
They combine innovative solutions with global reach and a transparent approach to provide a truly exceptional service


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– They have 100+ forms in their group of websites
– No proper system to track prospect submissions
– Want to track first touch of prospect, for example the landing page they visited,etc before form submission
– Needed better lead qualification and nurturing.


– Implemented Pardot for consolidating all forms in one central platform
– Full life-cycle tracking of prospect interactions with marketing touch-points
– Increased engagement with prospects, existing customers
– Better lead nurturing and qualification with scoring and grading
– Detailed reporting on campaign performances
– Integrate directly to Salesforce to sync prospects, leads, contacts and opportunities with Salesforce
– Generation of the tracking code for the website pages to track visitors and prospect page visits
– Dynamic Lead nurturing (drip programs) for increased engagement with prospects.
– Automation of digital marketing activity