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Jubail Island


Sprawled across 4,000 hectares of mangrove forests and coastal estuaries with more than 30 km of waterfront, lies Jubail island. Home to six distinct village communities, with deliberately bespoke, breathtakingly picturesque residential areas and community facilities.

Jubail Island

Nestled within the capital of the UAE, between Yas Island and Saadiyat Island lies Jubail Island. A stunning refuge minutes away from the bustling city center offering a breathtaking landscape with a wide array of business, cultural and entertainment destinations within easy reach.


A true haven of tranquillity, Jubail Island offers everything our residents need for a happy, balanced life, with amenities including schools, beaches, boardwalks, marinas, village centres with amazing shopping, entertainment and great eats! Not to mention an eco-resort with outdoor activities galore.

The Properties

With each of its villages boasting its own identity and elegant design, Jubail Island will offer residents a choice of luxurious, elegantly designed villas, apartments and townhouses, all meticulously strewn ample-distances apart, to allow for optimum privacy and comfort.


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Jubail Island


Jubail did not have a CRM in place to manage their leads, accounts and opportunities. Lead assignment was manual which was quite exhaustive and error prone and also led to conflicts between team members. They did not have a system in place to qualify and score leads based on criterias.
Sales were using excel sheets to manage opportuity, contracts were hand made and taking too much of time from sales operations, system audit capabilty were not there with higher management as there was no system.
Reporting was manual and time consuming for mid and senior level managers, no way to accurately create sales leadboard for generating a healthy comptetion between sales team, inventory was managed on excel shets and no process for auto alerts was there.


THE MAIN OBJECTIVES OF the solution were,
Building and defining a central database for leads and customers.
Managing the lead process from generation to qualification.
Having a 360-degree view of the customers using the Salesforce interface
Managing sales activities and track the contact’s interactions accurately.
Automating sales, unit reservation, SPA, handover, and cancellation process.
Managing unit’s availability, inventory, and booking.
Providing insightful reports and dashboards at every level of the organization.