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International Diamond Laboratories

International Diamond Laboratories (IDL) provides the diamond trade and jewelry retailers with top quality diamond, colored stones and jewelry certificates worldwide.
With continuous research and innovation technologies, International Diamond Laboratories brings grading from an art to science.​ IDL is a team of internationally reputed gemologists and experienced graders obeying a strict code of conduct and backed by a ground-breaking knowledge center comprised of physicists, engineers and researchers.


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International Diamond Laboratories


Company had very specific requirement to streamline jwelry certification process. They wanted to automate entire journey from reception of Jwelry to exit of Jwelry along with the ceritificate, going through different departments. generating complex certification of different shapes and format was a challenge too.


We used licenses to build highly custom data model to capture specific details related to variety of diamond jwelry, along with infomration required to assess and generate certifications. Using highly custom visualforce pages, we could generate Jwelry certificates of different formats, right from digital card to A4 size paper certificate.