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Injazat is an industry recognized market leader in the region for digital transformation, cloud and cyber security.
Injazat empowers organizations to optimize their business goals utilizing cloud and emerging technology solutions, and by co-creating transformational digital platforms and services through public-private partnerships (PPP).
Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the Capital of the United Arab Emirates, Injazat draws on its local expertise and presence combined with several global technology partnership networks to develop market leading services. Injazat’s purpose is to empower human achievement through end-to-end digital solutions that deliver impact and value for our customers and communities.


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Enhancement of existing system. The workflow steps were not flowing correctly in the past. Also there was a good amount of code that was written because the system was built in classic. Different types of opportunities, specially fast track opportunities were not built in the system.


Migration to Salesforce Lightning
Allows users to create different types of leads.
Leads are approved by their department heads if they should go ahead with the nurturing of the lead or drop them at an early stage.
Once the lead is converted, managers vote whether to fast track this opportunity or whether to go the usual route. Depending on the vote, opportunity will skip some intermediate stages and proceed to the second last stage.
Users also get to vote on the opportunity if this should be offline or online. Depending on the decision, managers from other departments are also involved.
Users can add partners on opportunities as there are multiple partners who are sometimes involved in a deal.
Lightning reports are very easy to build and use filters. Managers pick their reports as required and plan their sales strategies based on these reports.