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Gulf Business Machines (GBM)

Originally established through its partnership with IBM, the companies have continued to evolve their relationship in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of the ICT market. As a major driver and enabler for the advancement of society in the region, ICT is becoming the foundation upon which business is built. The increasing influence of the ‘Smart City’ ecosystem will require complex IT systems to support it, and GBM and IBM has been working closely to develop and deploy effective, related technologies over recent years.


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Gulf Business Machines (GBM)


Analysis of current implementation, re-engineering and user interface.
Restructuring product catalog according to line of businesses.
Performance was degrading due to unnecessary customizations.
Making sure existing data is mapped to new LOB structure.
Making existing customizations lightning compatible .


Introduced Lightning interface.
Restructured the whole product catalog using custom objects and fields.
Removed unnecessary customization to improve performance.
Developed lightning design system based visualforce pages to accommodate product selection and sales team selection.
Added business rules to streamline the selling process.
Develop an Intelligent Assistant lightning component which shows opportunities that needed attention.