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Graff is a British multinational jeweller based in London.[1] It was founded by British jeweller Laurence Graff in 1960. A vertically integrated company, Graff operations comprise the design, manufacture and retail distribution of jewellery and watches.






Commerce, Service



Managing multiple work streams (SFCC,
SFMC,SFSC) and managing
multiple internal and external stakeholders,
while abiding by the agreed upon timeline.

Integrating with a complex OMS system
that was being updated at the time of the
project implementation and managing the
timelines according to unforeseen delays
and challenges.


We implemented SFCC based a reference application,
where all the backend functionalities are built in a future
proof manner to new brands and reuse the functionalities in
a plug and play manner. The reusable components make
webstore management easier, monitored and scalable for
new brand and market rollouts. As a result, the retail leader
will soon be able to launch even more state-of-the-art brand
shops with Emakina’s support.