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Global Jet Centre

Leveraging over 45 years of combined experience in the private jet charter industry, Global Jet Centre brings together a multinational team of aviation professionals to deliver trusted air travel services.

GJC design solutions ideal for business professionals, families, and teams, without compromising on the level of luxury, privacy and comfort.


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Global Jet Centre


-They wanted to manage Airports database, Aircraft Data base, Airport Operators, Aircraft Operators, Routes, Quotations and Suppliers all with a complicated relationship that their business flow has.
– several templates that they were creating manually from all the modules. They wanted to have the ability to generate the document from salesforce from Opportunities, Quotes and Orders.
– GJC wanted a sound security model that helps them assign particular functionalities e.g. Read, Write, Edit etc. of each module as well allowing/restricting data to their sales rep according to their specific needs.
-GJC wanted to have the Routes and Offer on the same view as the request details and wanted to sync the Routes on Quotes and carry forward the Routes to Orders as well.
-GJC required to manage the activities as well as alerts and email notification on based on those activities. They wanted to further use these activities in reports to capture the KPIs of their sales reps.


-360-degree view of end-to-end sales process.
-Shorter Turnaround time for each sales cycle.
-Elimination of Excel usage and complete tracking in the system.
-Powerful and interactive UI’s to view schedules, shopping sheet, modify routes etc
-Complete documentation throughout the sales cycle generated with the click of a button in any desired format – PDF , word etc.
-Powerful Reporting and Dashboards.
-Custom email automations to share complete booking details