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Foodics offers a cloud-based all-in-one restaurant management system on an iPad in English and Arabic. With multiple add-on iOS apps and building on more, thousands of restaurants, food trucks, cafes and fast-food chains across the Middle East are hiking their revenues and building their relationships with diners.
Offering high tech solutions and real-time management, Foodics empowers its clients and provides a unique style of dining, providing for a restaurant management system that is simple and flexible to meet all needs.






Community Cloud, Pardot, Sales, Service, Social studio




-Issues with existing Zoho CRM
-Needed more flexibility with site based details, installations, and tracking
– Needed to track partner sales
– Needed Robust customer service
-They required more flexibility with respect to their hardware and software discounting and pricing
-Mainly ,Foodics needed one single ecosystem to track their sales , service , partners, social media , marketing campaigns all in one single, centralized platform


-Lead management to effectively capture Pre-sales interactions.
-central database for customers with 360-degree information from Lead to Cash.
-Shorter Turnaround time for each sales cycle.
-Elimination of Excel usage and complete tracking in the system.
-Efficient UI to empower the Sales team to enter all site related information , in case of multiple locations.
-Powerful Reporting and Dashboards.
-Social Studio and Community implementation
-Custom-built automated Discount Approval Matrix process.
-360-degree view of end-to-end sales process.
-Automate the finance and collection processes.
-Manage Activities and track customer interactions accurately.
-Seamless data flow between Salesforce and IT Backend .
-Create a new channel by empowering the partners with a reseller/referral portal.
-Complete end to end online process and automation for new registrations to sign up from the website, view the product plans in a powerful, interactive UI ,empowering the customer to make a purchase that triggers automations in the backend ,converting the lead, creation of opportunity, quote , orders and licenses provisioning without any manual intervention.