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CPI Financial

CPI Financial, established in Dubai in 1999, was born to meet the needs of an ever expanding, increasingly sophisticated financial community, offering a comprehensive portfolio of market-leading products and services tailor-made for the banking & financial sector.

CPI Financial is committed to delivering the most relevant financial news, features and analysis to bankers and businesses throughout the Middle East and beyond. We offer the latest information through a variety of platforms including magazines, directories, e-newsletters, websites, events and contract publishing.


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CPI Financial


They needed activity tracking for daily tasks and meetings.
They needed centralized system, they were working on old and multiple softwares to handle their daily operations.
They needed visibility for higher management on day to day operations.


Salesforce lightning with activity tracking & 360 degree view of accounts.
Automations in the daily operation,increasing productivity immensely.
Salesforce mobile giving flexibility for sales team on the go.
Reports and Dashboards for C-Level to get instant metrics.