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BPC Banking Technologies creates payments solutions that inspire change and progress for businesses and people everywhere. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Switzerland, we are an independent company and a global leader in our field. Our customers include huge tier 1 banks, and both midsize and smaller companies. We are well known for our long-term commitment to customers and their success and believe this is where we offer real difference compared to our competitors. We are the architect and developer of the market-leading SmartVista platform, which handles all aspects of ATM management, billing, mobile and contactless payments, settlement, point of sale, card issuing and acquiring, microfinance and electronic payments processing.


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BPC Banking Technologies


Customer has many different systems and they want to make Salesforce as their main system. They need some integrations with their existing systems and also rebuild all executive reports and setup targets v/s actuals. Customer is currently adding all this manually in Salesforce in some fields.


Built a custom solution for targets vs actuals. Based on opportunity owner and close date of closed won opportunities. Built reports around this targets vs actuals object to give the management a complete view of their sales teams’ performance. Integration with customer systems is still in progress.