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BMMI Group

BMMI(Bahrain Maritime & Mercantile International) is a diversified retail and distribution and Contract services and supply group. The Group specializes in wholesale, distribution and retail of food & beverages. BMMI is an international provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions, integrated facility management, logistics and procurement services to governments and to non-governmental, commercial and military organizations. BMMI manages its activities through branches, associates and joint ventures in Kingdom of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Djibouti, Mali, Ghana, Republic of Sudan, South Sudan, Burkino Faso and Kenya.






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BMMI Group


• With the evolution in IT Solutions offered to customers in the marketplace and as more customers are becoming tech savvy, BMMI was looking to adopt a customer centric CRM solution and a digital transformation in-order to improve their customer experience and focus on marketing efforts
• They could not track all of their customers across different channels in one single platform.
• They didn’t have centralized system for servicing their customers. They required robust customer service.
• They didn’t have campaign tracking Mechanism to analyze the campaigns which are launched and report on the conversions
• They required mechanism to manage all the Social Platforms and be aware of the conversations and reach further than one’s own social accounts or even conversations happening in and around the industry that one should be aware of.
• No streamlined mechanism for loyalty Points calculations on purchase, cancellation and other events and activities.
• No mechanism to segment the Audiences based on their history purchases, Category Buyers, based on Geolocations, loyalty tiers, buying behaviors and demographics etc to give events based discounts.
• BMMI could not send personalized Journeys and recommendations to their customers for upselling and cross selling of their products.
• They also required real time triggers to notify their customers on their mobile apps via push and in-app notifications.


• Cloudworks integrated various external systems like Magento (ecommerce), Orika POS (Storefront devices), Annex cloud (Loyalty system), Symphony gold (Product catalogue) with Salesforce in-order to achieve 360 degree view of the customer.
• Enabled Social studio to listen, publish and engage customers with social media marketing and management.
• Implemented Service Cloud for capturing cases from apps, web, phone (via open CTI), emails & chat. Also enabled knowledge base so that salesforce articles can be used & viewed by the customers from the websites, mobile apps via API and used by agents from console.
• Designed a multi-cloud connected solution using Salesforce CRM and Marketing cloud where all clicks on the campaigns are validated against the target audience and pushed to Marketing cloud using ampscript which is further used for conversions
In 2nd phase we are about to rollout Marketing cloud solutions:
• Customer segmentation for Marketing executives to efficiently segment the customers and target the customers for promotional events using the master segmentation database
• Enable SDKs and JS codes on websites to track and capture behavioral data across all the channels and provided the next best personalized product recommendations to customers through ecommerce websites, apps and emails.
• Make use of real time triggers to send out transactional and push notifications to customers through different channels such as (Push/ in-app/SMS)