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As “Leader in Healthcare Specialty Markets” in the MENA region, AMICO Group engages in sales, marketing, service engineering and integrated professional support solutions for advanced medical devices. The company specializes in the following clinical therapies and products:
Orthopedics, arthroscopy, sports medicine, spinal surgery, minimally invasive surgery, trauma & extremities, neurology, laser therapies, robotic surgery, medical imaging, sonography, CT-Scan, MRI, radiology, ENT, hearing aids, dermatology, biomaterials, pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, ophthalmology, optometry, vision care, optical instruments, contact lenses and premium eyewear.








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Amico was using SAP and they did not have any quote versioning. Most of their quote versions were in excels. Different teams could not contribute and add their products to the quote earlier. Customer care team had to insert every single product and generate a quote for every very version. This resulted in back and forth emailing. Also reporting was not very strong.


Amico has tenders and standard quotes. Created a solution for quotes where users could add products and send it to customer care team and also to their managers for approvals. All teams can now add their products to the quote before submitting to the customer care team and managers for approvals. This also helped users to internally communicate and make relevant changes. Integration with SAP to get final quotes and orders in Salesforce from SAP.
Reports and Dashboards were built as per the requirement which gave a 360 view to the management.