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Salesforce: The #1 Company that cares


For Salesforce, it’s claiming the top spot is motivated by its commitment to pay equality. Apart from its Ohana or family culture, the company is also known to offer great benefits to it’s over 30,000 employees.


The concept of pay equality within Salesforce was highlighted when Cindy Robbins, Chief People Officer, discussed the issue with her colleague, Leyla Seka, in 2015. The ladies were talking about how they can address the wage gap between the men and women at Salesforce. Robbins, in turn, brought the conversation up to CEO Mark Benioff.

Following an analysis, Benioff was ‘stunned’ to find out about the pay discrepancy between men and women in his company. That same year, Benioff stepped up and has allotted $3 million to correct the wage gap. Two years later in 2017, he allotted the same amount to correct the wage differences caused by race, ethnicity, and gender across the US. In the end, Salesforce has allotted a total of $8.7 million in order to correct pay differences across its global workforce.


In an article published by Robbins, she highlighted Salesforce’s commitment to address pay inequality within its workforce. She admits that pay equality is a work in progress not just within Salesforce but across the globe, so it needs to be constantly monitored and addressed.



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