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Salesforce Joins the Blockchain in Transport Alliance


In an attempt to establish and systematize blockchain and to facilitate the systematic education of the freight industry, known standards organization Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) joins forces with cloud computing company Salesforce. This is the first time that a throng of freight companies in the likes of FedEx, UPS, SAP, McLeod, J.B. Hunt, ECHO, and TMW Systems are working together in order to take their cloud-based applications a notch higher.


With the Internet now opening doorways to various possibilities across multiple industries, the freight industry is yet to see growth in innovation when it comes to efficiency in terms of the movement of goods.

This is because prior to this partnership, freight companies have maintained their own supply chain management systems. Central to this system is how payment process ecosystems affect the movement of goods in view of the involvement of third party processors. This entails that the movement of goods from their origin to the end customers depended on the parties’ policies and existing technological capabilities.


With Salesforce entering the picture, the players in the freight industry – especially the good 420 members of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance – can centralize their key functions by using standardized cloud-based technologies. As a result of such centralization, information, processes, and payments will be centralized allowing for more transparency, collaboration, and efficiency.


Peter Emahiser, the CEO of Tadmore Transportation, has reference the need of the freight industry to welcome innovation through blockchain applications saying that currently, “If shipping were pizza, no one would get a hot pizza.”

Salesforce is equally committed to see change in the industry. With its ability to generate data-driven insights and to develop industry-based technologies, it can help develop a system that yields a deeper understanding of technological impacts on customers plus the specific needs of not only the players but the entire freight industry itself.

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