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Salesforce Bellevue ranked 4th as the best place to work in Washington in 2018

This year, Salesforce Bellvue has something to be proud of. In a recent ranking published by the Puget Sound Business Journal, Salesforce’s Washington office ranked 4th in the list of the best workplaces in the state.


Starting from an office full of co-working hubs and remote offices that housed employees from different companies, the local site is now housed in a seven-storey building with 600 employees. SVP for Infrastructure Engineering and local office leader Casey Cerretani reflects on such milestone saying that there’s more to the growth in the office that led them to achieve such milestone.


The culture of Salesforce involves building an atmosphere of trust by focusing on employee values, behaviors, and the quality of experiences that it delivers. However, one thing that sits on top of these differentiators is Ohana – the Hawaiian word for ‘family.’

In a release published by Cerretani, she writes that what mattered more to their accomplishment is how her office has built a sense of Ohana for everyone where they look after each other, work together, and fun together.


The sense of family that the office has has led them to pursue extraordinary projects that allow them to give back to their community. One, they are a sponsor to Seattle’s Pride 2018 festivities, and two, they are actively helping Stevenson Elementary on a voluntary basis. The school has much need and providing backpacks for the students there is only a start. All of these endeavors are made possible through the creation of the Bellevue Site Council.

Maureen, a software engineer who works in the office says that she’s excited to come to work every day because of the respect and trust that she shares with her teammates. This sense of relationship allows them to solve problems that other companies don’t even have to deal with.

Her sentiment is echoed by Jessica, the revenue director, saying that working with energetic and smart people makes it possible to accomplish something every day.

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