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How to send an automated email from Salesforce

1. Go to the Set-up link as this is where you will begin to set up the email that you’ll be sending.



2. Go to Email Templates under Communication Templates and click New Template where you will be prompted to set up the email which contains important fields like Email template, Description, Subject, and Email Body.




3. Under Select Field Type, select Opportunity Fields. Under Select Field, select Opportunity Name. Copy the item from the Copy Merge Field Value field and paste it on the Email Body.




4. To check an Opportunity Record within the email, go back to Select Field and select Detail Link. Copy the field value again and paste it on the Email Body. You have just successfully set-up a template.



5. Next, you will need to set up a rule that will trigger sending the email. Go to the Set-up search bar and select Workflow Rules under Workflow & Approvals.



6. Select New Rule. Select the Object the rule is going to act on. In this case, you want the example email template to send anytime reviews is checked on opportunity record, therefore, the rule needs to act on Opportunity. Select Opportunity from the list of objects and click Next.



7. Fill out the fields such as Rule Name and set up a decision which will determine when the email will send. This requires setting up details such as Evaluation Criteria and Rule Criteria. Once you’re done setting up the Criteria, click on Save & Next.



8. Next, you need to add an action. Click on Add Workflow Action and select New Email Alert. Fill out the fields such as Description, Email Template (select the template you just set up), Recipient Type. Once you’re done, click Save. Click Done then activate the rule by clicking on the Activate button.


And that’s how you set-up an automated email in Salesforce.

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