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All about Sharing in Salesforce

Records and dashboards can be shared and managed by members of an organization through the “User Sharing” function of Salesforce. You can set user-sharing defaults for all external and internal users.

Using sharing rules, access to records, files, dashboards, folders can be extended. Sharing is settable based on groupings, memberships, territories or roles.

Considerations for Using User Sharing

Things to consider as regards the use of this feature include:

  • Permission – Grant the Read permission for people who need access to all users. If the Manage Users permission is given to a user, he is automatically granted the permission to view any user in the organization.
  • Default – The default settings are Private and Public Read Only. By default, users who have “private access” can only manage their own records. For internal members of an organization, the default setting is Public Read Only. For members with subordinates, they have access to the records of their subordinates.
  • Sharing rules – Before you create sharing rules, create first the appropriate groupings.
  • Access to user records – Edit access can be granted through manual sharing. Make sure that the access is greater than that of the target user.

Enhanced Sharing for Reports and Dashboards

Report and dashboard folders can be shared. For this, you have to go the Report and Dashboard Folder Sharing tab by accessing the Folder Sharing section of Salesforce. After enabling this function, you can share your folders with other users, but that doesn’t automatically give them permission to view the records or dashboards contained in the folders.

To enable others to see the content stored in the folders, you need to give them the permission by granting them either the Editor, or the Viewer, or the Manager access. When you create a new folder, only you and others holding administrative roles have access to that folder.

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